Ninja VS is my own personal philosophy.  It’s a metaphor for our lives and experiences, our losses, lessons and victories.

The ninja represents us, obviously.  The ninja is the proverbial survivor.  He is the man (or woman) who endures.

The VS (versus) embodies our struggles.  As in Buddhism, life is suffering — one must acknowledge that first.  VS is also the how of our struggles, the methods we use to persevere and overcome resistance.

The versus whom has been left blank intentionally.  Opposition varies from person to person:  Bullying, poor health, financial difficulty, romance and relationships, education and career, religious oppression.  For some it may even be an evil Samurai warlord from beyond the grave.  But in the end, it’s all part of the same struggle…y’know, life.

The secret is to understand that Ninja VS is just a frame work, a foundation upon which to build throughout your continuing struggles.  Only you can supply the variables that pertain to you and your life.  Neither is Ninja VS the solution to any particular dilemma.  Used properly, Ninja VS can only provide context for the resistance you face, thus allowing you to formulate your own unique strategies in which to survive your struggles…and to live beyond them.

Then again, all of this could be complete horseshit.