This Old Tractor

There was an old tractor out by the barn,

I thought about fixing to help on the farm.


I kept putting it off, never getting right to it,

I knew if I waited, one day I would do it.


And then one day came when I needed some space,

And next to the barn was as handy a place.


Of course, as I’ve mentioned, sat the old tractor,

I’d forgotten that fixing it would be a big factor.


The longer it sat, the more work that it needed,

A punch in the wallet my laziness seeded.


I jumped and I screamed and I hollered and cursed,

But nothing could ease the tax on my purse.


So hear ye, hear ye, my grumbling friends,

Inaction does yield such troubling ends.


(photo: my grandfather, “Shorty” — circa: forever ago)



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