Lies 1Everybody lies.

I’ve lied.

You’ve lied.

Governments lie every day.

Ninjutsu prizes lies and deceit.

Certainly there are times when lying is necessary.  The ninja knows this.  Some lies can be fun and even bring smiles.  Santa Claus for example.

I have, however, tried to be a more honest person in recent years.  Of course, I’m only human and I’ve faltered from time to time.  There have been missteps, the most pertinent of all being the lie I told one of my closest friends.  It was a lie of omission, but a lie nonetheless.  One lie beget another and a snowball effect ensued, consuming everyone and everything in its path.  Sure, my intentions were good, but people got hurt and relationships were damaged.  You know what they say about the road to hell…

I’m in the process of mending that friendship and it’s going to take some hard work and elbow grease on both sides, no doubt.  I’m not entirely sure that friendship will ever be as it was, but I’m going to try.  I have to try.  My very soul depends on it.

Lies, both spoken and omitted, destroyed my marriage.  It didn’t seem to matter that the very nature of my marriage not only demanded but also commended total honesty.  What a shame it would be to repeat that mistake.

Regardless of my failures, there are those I’ve always attempted to be open and honest with.  Sometimes to a fault.  I just don’t feel like I’m being afforded the same courtesy.  Some truths I’ve shared have even been used against me, but that’s the price to pay, I suppose.  Better to hurt someone with the truth than pacify them with falsehood, I say.

I’ve been accused of being the greatest liar of all time by people who find it easy to lie with every breath.  Not only to those around them, but to themselves as well.

I’ve been promised the truth and lied to again.  I’ve been promised truth with lies.  How ironic is that?

Lies may be one of the most useful weapons in the ninja’s toolbox, but surely they were meant to be used against one’s enemies and not allies.  Even for personal gain, if you must, but surely not at the expense of those closest to you.

I am not at war.  I have no enemies to speak of.  And I have no time or tolerance for any more lies…especially from those whom I demand unerring and unwavering truth.

I will not compromise.

Not anymore.



2 Responses to TRUE LIES

  • Richard says:

    Dude, i came to your blog because of a review you left on Amazon which made me laugh. After reading the review and you minimalist entries here… I think you have talent; seriously, talent to write i mean (no idea if you’re a bad ass Ninja dude). So can i encourage you to write a story, i’d be happy to read / review it or even edit it, if you would like.
    Go forth my friend and multiply the words, sew and reap a bountiful harvest!

    • TH3eNINJA says:

      I appreciate the random endorsement and vote of confidence. Honestly, I didn’t think anyone really read this blog. Not anymore anyway. I’ve been in the process of writing several stories and would like to get some out there soon…but, that’s the same thing George R R Martin always says before decidedly not delivering his newest story by his own repeated, self-imposed deadlines.

      I shall endeavor to write more often now that I know at least one person has expressed interest in reading.

      I’m curious, from what review did you find me through?

      Thanks again.

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