PeepholeOnce upon a time, there was a girl…

…a girl whom I loved.

…a girl whom I obsessed over.

…a girl whom I wanted more than anything.

…a girl that didn’t love me.

I wrote her letters and called her on the phone.

I lay in bed each night dreaming of her, anxious for the next time I would see her.

And even though my dreams never came true, I’m grateful that once she was my friend…before I pushed her away.

I haven’t seen her in more than 20 years.

I still think about her sometimes.

She’s married now and has children.

I’d chased her for years.  I begged her to be mine.  I got on my hands and knees and pleaded and cried.  I never thought I could love another so intensely, that is, until another came along.

This one I married, and for 17 years I believed myself to be the luckiest man alive.  And I was.


Until the day when, so very innocently, I asked her to stop for rolls on the way home from work.

At the grocery, my ex-wife-to-be encountered an old flame of her own.

The one that (almost) got away.

From there it all spiraled out of control, and when the dust settled, I’d lost again.

That was a year ago today.

I sit here now, with my guitar in my lap, pouring my soul into music I can hardly play.

I’m reminded of that Lonesome Old Song…


That lonesome old song keeps on a playin’
And tellin’ a story that makes me so blue
How the girl that I love has gone on and left me
That lonesome old song reminds me of you



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