CaveDespair is a dark cave, full of fear and self-pity.  But it’s also comforting.  Warm.  Cozy.  Familiar.  Given the chance, it will invite you inside and entice you to stay.

The future is anything but certain or familiar.  Moving forward, like climbing a mountain, is not easy.  And yet, it’s as simple as putting one foot in front of the other.  Every step, every moment passed, is a victory.

Not every battle can be won.  Not every battle is worth fighting — no matter how passionate you may be about the outcome.  No matter how much you have invested.  No matter how much losing might change the world as you know it.  But neither can we remain stagnant.  Human beings are social animals — we need one another — hiding in caves and building walls is the greatest disservice to who and what we are meant to be.

The ninja knows that when the shadow of defeat looms there is no shame in running away.  Fly and be free.  Live to fight another day.  Embrace hope for a better tomorrow and in your coming victories, for they are coming.  Hope is the light beyond the cave.  It is the light of the world…the light of life.

These are not easy lessons to learn.  They are wrought with pain and uncertainty.  Defeat leaves a sour taste on our lips, but also is defeat necessary for us to grow, and a hardened warrior comes not without scars.

Fear of the unknown is the greatest fear of all.  But fear is the one opponent that can be always be defeated.  It’s the one battle you should never flee.  All one needs to do in order to conquer fear is stand and face it.

And, if at all possible, never face it alone.


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