Lies 1Everybody lies.

I’ve lied.

You’ve lied.

Governments lie every day.

Ninjutsu prizes lies and deceit.

Certainly there are times when lying is necessary.  The ninja knows this.  Some lies can be fun and even bring smiles.  Santa Claus for example.

I have, however, tried to be a more honest person in recent years.  Of course, I’m only human and I’ve faltered from time to time.  There have been missteps, the most pertinent of all being the lie I told one of my closest friends.  It was a lie of omission, but a lie nonetheless.  One lie beget another and a snowball effect ensued, consuming everyone and everything in its path.  Sure, my intentions were good, but people got hurt and relationships were damaged.  You know what they say about the road to hell…

I’m in the process of mending that friendship and it’s going to take some hard work and elbow grease on both sides, no doubt.  I’m not entirely sure that friendship will ever be as it was, but I’m going to try.  I have to try.  My very soul depends on it.

Lies, both spoken and omitted, destroyed my marriage.  It didn’t seem to matter that the very nature of my marriage not only demanded but also commended total honesty.  What a shame it would be to repeat that mistake.

Regardless of my failures, there are those I’ve always attempted to be open and honest with.  Sometimes to a fault.  I just don’t feel like I’m being afforded the same courtesy.  Some truths I’ve shared have even been used against me, but that’s the price to pay, I suppose.  Better to hurt someone with the truth than pacify them with falsehood, I say.

I’ve been accused of being the greatest liar of all time by people who find it easy to lie with every breath.  Not only to those around them, but to themselves as well.

I’ve been promised the truth and lied to again.  I’ve been promised truth with lies.  How ironic is that?

Lies may be one of the most useful weapons in the ninja’s toolbox, but surely they were meant to be used against one’s enemies and not allies.  Even for personal gain, if you must, but surely not at the expense of those closest to you.

I am not at war.  I have no enemies to speak of.  And I have no time or tolerance for any more lies…especially from those whom I demand unerring and unwavering truth.

I will not compromise.

Not anymore.




If suddenly you realize your goals are beneath you, it’s time to raise the bar.

There are few lessons in perseverance quite like mountaineering — few connections between man and nature more complete.  The energy transfer between mountain and climber is intoxicating.  It titillates the emotions.

Fear.  Excitement.  Exuberance.  Agony.

If you possess the will to drag yourself to the summit of even the smallest of nubs then you can summon the strength to climb higher still.

However, if you find yourself standing still, daunted by the looming spires above, then step aside sucka, ascending climbers have the right of way.



Your candidate sucks because he did this and that.

Your candidate sucks because he didn’t do this or that.

My choice is better than yours because I’m morally superior to you.

My choice is better than yours because I’m ethically superior to you.

Our vision of the future is brighter and more optimistic.

Our vision of the future is just and fair.

We love America.

We love America more.

We believe in a strong Middle Class.

We believe in a stronger Middle Class.

We believe in helping others to stand up.

We believe in empowering others to stand on their own.

Your party is arrogant.

Your party is delusional.

You’re a Fascist.

You’re a Communist.






No one can give you freedom.  You cannot buy it with gold or blood.  There are no conditions.  No prerequisites.  No rituals to perform or oaths to take.  No thanks need be offered to anyone nor signatures given.  Freedom is already yours.  It always has been.

I say this with no intention of disrespecting the men and women of the armed forces, and when I say that freedom is free I do not mean to suggest that there is no cost to defending it.  There is a difference, at least from my perspective.  While the military certainly fights to protect our freedom, they cannot give what we already possess.

Every human being in this world is inherently free from the moment we take our first breath — a truth most evident in our freedom of choice, a freedom available to even those whom believe they have none.

A woman abused has the choice to run or remain.  A man wronged has the choice to seek revenge or to turn the other cheek.  A person convicted has the choice to try and escape or to serve out sentence.

And those are just a few examples.

With that in mind, it’s important to note that freedom can be taken away and must therefore be defended.  You must hold on tightly, lest it be ripped from your hands.  You must be vigilant or risk having it lifted from your pocket without your knowledge.  The single best way to do this is to constantly exercise your freedom.  It’s very much like the practice of a martial art…if you don’t use it, you’ll it.

When exercising your freedom, please remember to do so responsibly.  You must be mindful of others — for if your freedom infringes upon that of another, then it is not freedom that you are cultivating, but an attitude of oppression.

Unless, of course, that is your choice.



Oh, look, I have a fucking brain tumor.  It must be a gift from God!

You probably wouldn’t being saying that were it to actually happen.   Right?   Of course you wouldn’t.   That’s just stupid.  Then why are so many parents of children on the autism spectrum praising the condition in such a way?

These people do not speak for me.  I am at war with autism, and I may never defeat this terrible enemy, but I will never stop fighting.  I’m not gonna wrap myself up in it as though it were a warm blanket.  I’ll accept it because I have to — cautiously like a blanket poisoned with Small Pox.  But I’ll never make peace with it.  And to those of you that disagree, I’ve got one word for you:   Denial.

Denial.   Denial.   Denial.

How many times must I say it before it finally sticks?  Do whatever you can in order to make your child’s life a fulfilling and productive one.  Do everything in your power to make them understand that you love them, for it is a far better thing we do by offering endless compassion, understanding, patience, resources and opportunity than it is to mask our pain with lies.  What’s that word again?  Oh yeah…


It is not a crime to hate a disease or an injury or a condition that takes your child away from you.  That does not make it impossible to love the child.  Stop deluding yourself into thinking that we must heap praise upon the spectrum.  It is not a divine gift.

Instead, rage against the spectrum.  Use that rage to heighten awareness, to aid in the discovery of an actual cause or causes, and to better develop treatment and therapy that will improve our children’s lives.  Turn that rage into action.  Go out of your way for your child.  Love them unconditionally.  Rage against the spectrum.  Hate it like you hate cancer.

Pretending that autism is something beautiful is the worst fucking joke I’ve ever heard.